Contract terms for the individual user.


About the Service

Omentia® Healthcare Systems is developed by Webuild Development AB. Webuild Development AB is also referred to below as ”Omentia” or the ”Company”. This agreement regulates the use of Omentia® digital service, and you as an individual user as a patient.

The service is NOT designed to be used in emergency situations that require urgent medical care, in such situations, you should turn to regular care providers by calling 112 or seek immediate emergency care at the nearest hospital.

The service is designed to be used in Sweden.

Storage of data

User acknowledges and accepts that all the activities in the use of the service, including login and medical consultation is saved at and belongs to the care unit as medical record entry.

The Personal Data Act (PDA) “Personuppgiftslagen” (PuL)

Processing of personal data

Your personal information is handled according to the law on the treatment of personal data (PuL) and the law on patient data as well as the law on patient safety within the caregiver’s activities.

We need your personal information to perform medical treatment for you (service) We can not perform the service if you do not agree that we may use this information to perform the service.

According to Section 26§ Data Protection Act, you have the right to receive once a year information about what personal information about you that we treat and how we treat them, free of charge. Omentia® do not process medical records, your health care provider manages medical records. The application for medical records must be in writing and signed by you. You also have the right, under the Personal Data Act 28§ request correction of the personal data that is inaccurate. If you believe the information is incorrect in any way, you have the right to request corrections. Regarding the request for correction in the medical record entry, your request in the matter will be recorded as a comment on the existing data. Resolution on amendment or deletion of data records can only be made on application to the National Board(Socialstyrelsen) on the matter.

Consent according to PuL

I hereby give my consent through my login to the service that given personal data may be stored and processed in all registers of Omentia® and caregiver. I also leave my express consent that the information relating to my health and medical treatment may be disclosed to or obtained from third parties if it is a necessary part of the medical treatment, but with restrictions under applicable law mentioned above on confidentiality etc, I also leave my express consent to the Company for engaging subcontractors for personal data assistant regarding data communication and data storage for third-party country (non-EU). The Company shall ensure that the data communication communicated and stored in a safe and appropriate manner in accordance with the EU Data Protection Directive.

I can at any time withdraw my consent as above, by written notice to the Company.

The personal data controller

The controller in this case is your healthcare center or the unit you belong.

Personal Data Assistant

Webuild Development AB

Färögatan 33, KST-B9

164 52 Kista


Data Protection Officer

Mohammad Al-Saaid – mohammad@webuild.se


They conducted medical consultations are covered by medical confidentiality in accordance with the relevant section of the law, and no third party can access information about you that have arisen in connection with medical consultations which proceeded. Omentia® can of authority in very rare circumstances be required to disclose all or part of your medical record if it follows the decision of the authorities or law. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

Prescriptions Policy

Care Unit follows the policy prescription recommended by national guidelines and instructions from the pharmaceutical Council in the applicable county and STRAMA-Group for the prescription of antibiotics. Background knowledge and the prescribing patterns is picked up from the Infectious Diseases Institute and the National Public Health Agency.

Username and Password

User logs in via BankID.

Age Limit

You must be at least 18 years old to use the Service.

User responsibility

The user agrees to:

  • Not use the Service for any purpose other than essential and personal medical consultation.
  • At the worsening of condition being treated, refer the matter to public health facility, clinic or hospital emergency department.
  • Not to disclose his password to anyone and do not store the password in such a way that another person becomes aware of it.
  • Instantly change their passwords if there is the slightest suspicion that it is perceived by another person.
  • Immediately notify changes to previously submitted information about the change if these occurred, such as address, phone number, e-mail, credit card information, etc.

Omentia® responsibility

Omentia® can never be liable for damage due to malpractice in the individual case because the medical responsibility of a consultation case exists only between the treating physician or care unit and the individual.

Care unit is obliged to check that doctors contracted as practitioners/caregivers and prescribers within the Service have valid insurance and holds the Swedish medical license and / or other necessary skills.

Termination of service

Agreement on the service runs continuously until further notice. The health care provider and the user, individually, may at any time terminate the agreement. If the user wishes to cease to use the service, the user must turn to the caregiver for account inactivation.

If the care provider determines that the user is abusing this service, they can be immediately suspended. The user will then be notified in writing that such action is taken.

Last Updated: February 27, 2017

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